Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding Sarah Burton (the after-death Alexander McQueen fashion house creative director) set about gardening and presented the new cabbage-inspired Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012at Paris Fashion Week.
Feminine woman dressed in a lot of ruche and frilling pale beige and pink, nude, cabbage-form frilling on skirts, cabbage-texture and cabbage-print dresses – that is all Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012.Aged gold color costumes give the special medieval chic to the collection – the Alexander McQueen’s calling card.
Then see those macramé laces. Can you imagine middle Ages with its’ Gothicism without laces? So does Sarah Burton. Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 showed magnificent black-laced evening gown with sights of nude in the most unacceptable places. Designer even went too far with laces and put them on the models heads in a way of pastiche helmet, or better to say helmet’s vizard. Not sure that this is ready to wear for everyone.
The good news is the corsetry jackets embellished with tough leather belts. Together with tightly pulled narrowed skirts they make practically any women’s figure slimmer and give the desired sand-glass shape.
Talking about the textiles I must say, that chiffon is the best material for making cabbage-form silhouette by gathering the material like ostrich bodies shape. Pay attention to the chosen colors for those dresses: pale lavender, coral and pink. Doesn’t it resemble you those salad leaves? Thus the emerged in many collections 2012 aquatic theme was thought out by Burton.
Mystique as usual and in McQueen’s clue McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 was fine hymn to medieval spring. And how do you think, does Sarah Burton manage to correspond to the perfect McQueen’s style through her three collections?

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